Hi there! I’m Zhenhailong Wang (王镇海龙). I am a first year Ph.D. in Computer Science at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). Before that, I got my M.S. in Computer Science and Civil Engineering from UIUC and B.S. from Zhejiang University. I am working as a graduate research assistant with Prof. Heng Ji at BLENDER lab. Prior to BLENDER, I worked at RAAMAC lab advised by Prof. Mani Golparvar-Fard.

My research interest lies in generalizable multimodal natural language processing. My first-authored papers have been published at NeurIPS23, ACL23, NeurIPS22, and AAAI22. I have been actively involved in several multi-institute research efforts including DARPA ECOLE, KAIROS, AIDA and GAILA.


  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    • Ph.D. in Computer Science, 2023 - Present; Advisor: Prof. Heng Ji
    • M.S. in Computer Science, 2021 - 2023; Advisor: Prof. Heng Ji
    • M.S. in Civil Engineering, 2019 - 2021; Advisor: Prof. Mani Golparvar-Fard
    • GPA: 3.98/4.0
  • Zhejiang University
    • B.S. in Civil Engineering, 2016 - 2020
    • GPA: 3.92/4.0
    • Zhejiang Province Government Scholarship (<2%)
    • Acadamic Scholarship (<8%)


  • Text-based Reasoning About Vector Graphics [Paper] [Project Page]
    Zhenhailong Wang, Joy Hsu, Xingyao Wang, Kuan-Hao Huang, Manling Li, Jiajun Wu, Heng Ji
    under review

  • Unleashing Cognitive Synergy in Large Language Models: A Task-Solving Agent through Multi-Persona Self-Collaboration [Paper] [Code]
    Zhenhailong Wang, Shaoguang Mao, Wenshan Wu, Tao Ge, Furu Wei, Heng Ji
    NAACL 2024

  • Paxion: Patching Action Knowledge in Video-Language Foundation Models [Paper] [Code]
    Zhenhailong Wang, Ansel Blume, Sha Li, Genglin Liu, Jaemin Cho, Zineng Tang, Mohit Bansal, Heng Ji
    NeurIPS 2023 Spotlight

  • RCOT: Detecting and Rectifying Factual Inconsistency in Reasoning by Reversing Chain-of-Thought [Paper]
    Tianci Xue, Ziqi Wang, Zhenhailong Wang, Chi Han, Pengfei Yu, Heng Ji
    under review

  • Zemi: Learning Zero-Shot Semi-Parametric Language Models from Multiple Tasks [Paper] [Code]
    Zhenhailong Wang, Xiaoman Pan, Dian Yu, Dong Yu, Jianshu Chen, Heng Ji
    ACL 2023 Findings

  • A Language First Approach for Procedural Planning [Paper]
    Jiateng Liu, Sha Li, Zhenhailong Wang, Manling Li and Heng Ji
    ACL 2023 Findings

  • Language Models with Image Descriptors are Strong Few-Shot Video-Language Learners [Paper][Video] [Code]
    Zhenhailong Wang, Manling Li, Ruochen Xu, Luowei Zhou, Jie Lei, Xudong Lin, Shuohang Wang, Ziyi Yang, Chenguang Zhu, Derek Hoiem, Shih-Fu Chang, Mohit Bansal, Heng Ji
    NeurIPS 2022

  • NewsClaims: A New Benchmark for Claim Detection from News with Background Knowledge [Paper] [Code]
    Revanth Gangi Reddy, Sai Chetan, Zhenhailong Wang, Yi R. Fung, Kathryn Conger, Ahmed Elsayed, Martha Palmer, Preslav Nakov, Eduard Hovy, Kevin Small, Heng Ji
    EMNLP 2022

  • Rethinking Task Sampling for Few-shot Vision-Language Transfer Learning [PDF] [Code]
    Zhenhailong Wang, Hang Yu, Manling Li, Han Zhao, Heng Ji
    COLING 2022 (MMMPIE Workshop)

  • Open Vocabulary Electroencephalography-To-Text Decoding and Zero-shot Sentiment Classification [PDF] [Code]
    Zhenhailong Wang, Heng Ji
    AAAI 2022

  • The Future is not One-dimensional: Complex Event Schema Induction by Graph Modeling for Event Prediction [Paper] [Code]
    Manling Li, Sha Li, Zhenhailong Wang, Lifu Huang, Kyunghyun Cho, Heng Ji, Jiawei Han and Clare Voss
    EMNLP 2021

  • RESIN-11: Schema-guided Event Prediction for 11 Newsworthy Scenarios [Paper] [Code] [Demo] [Video]
    Xinya Du, Zixuan Zhang, Sha Li, and 27 others including Zhenhailong Wang
    NAACL 2022 Demo

  • RESIN: A Dockerlized Schema-Guided Cross-document Cross-lingual Cross-media Information Extraction and Event Tracking System [Paper] [Code] [Video]
    Haoyang Wen, Ying Lin, Tuan Lai, Xiaoman Pan, Sha Li, and 21 others including Zhenhailong Wang
    NAACL 2021 Demo

  • GAIA at SM-KBP 2020 - A Dockerized Multi-media Multi-lingual Knowledge Extraction, Clustering, Temporal Tracking and Hypothesis Generation System [Paper] [Project]
    Manling Li, Ying Lin, Tuan Manh Lai, Xiaoman Pan, Haoyang Wen, Sha Li, Zhenhailong Wang, and 34 others
    TAC-KBP 2020 Demo


Invited Talk


  • A short film written and directed by me, ft.ITP (dialogue in Chinese :)